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Grace and Aging

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Grace & Aging

About Me

Hi!  I’m Debbie Henry. I have a background in Banking, Real Estate, Cosmetology and Senior Care. I grew up in Georgia and now reside in South Carolina. I was one of those “southern girls” whose script was written for them…until being introduced to women’s studies courses at The University of Louisville.  This began a journey for me of realizing that life is not black or white. There are more questions than answers and we owe it to ourselves and those who follow us, as women, to talk honestly about aging and life. 

The helping care for both of my parents, then living thru the disease of Alzheimer’s with my mother led me to begin work on a Masters in Gerontology and to join the senior care community. As a result, my passion has become a journey of “living the questions”.  I began talking to women of all ages; we would, and still do, talk about life, fashion, family, jobs, maturing, relationships and much more. I also value my girlfriends. I believe it is a gift when other women share their stories. It is thru these events that I have realized there is grace to be found in living and maturing.

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