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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
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Debbie Henry
February 28, 2022

You’ve heard the saying, “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.”  Well it is.   This is a world of social media.  Anyone can know immediately when your home goes on the market, look it up and then make a decision in not minutes, but seconds, whether or not it will keep their interest.  Photos tell a story of your home, but without the words.

Photos are the first look into your home.  That’s why the quality of the photos are important. They can make someone fall in love with your story but they can also help someone determine whether or not they can write their own story in your space.  In essence, photos are  what helps a prospective buyer decide if they want to enter the door to your home.  At any given time, a potential buyer can click out of “your story” and go to a different story.  So, photos need to help hold the interest of the buyer.

This is why photos for selling your home involve a great deal more than just taking pictures.  As an agent, I like to help clients do some preliminary work.  It is my job to help with suggestions that will make your home marketable while bringing you the highest price possible.  Clutter and lighting are the first two items we will discuss when preparing your home for sale.

Sometimes when living in a space on a day to day basis, it is difficult to see what your home may need to make it more marketable.  For example, often when assisting clients to prepare their homes for sale, the suggestion of removing  clutter (appliances, paperwork, etc) from the kitchen countertops can make way for a photo that is sure to present a crisp and clean look.  Another important aspect of photos is the correct lighting. Oftentimes, sellers do not realize how lighting can make or break their photos. But a using the services of someone with a trained eye can help take your home photos to the next level.

As your Realtor, I want to help you sell your home fast while getting the best price.  I also understand the difference between a great listing and an impeccable listing. And while using an iPhone is a good way to take photos, I know difference that  hiring the skill of a professional photographer will make in the outcome of selling your home.

So now, when you hear the saying “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words,” I hope you will think about me, “The GraceAndAging Realtor” to help make a difference in the “thousand words”  YOUR picture can create.

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