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Christmas Gifts in the year of 2020
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Debbie Henry
December 6, 2020

It seems every December brings us the challenge of Christmas gifts.  We ask ourselves questions such as, what are we going to get for this person or that person or do I need to buy gifts for my co-workers?  If we have children, we want the gifts to be “fair”.  What if someone gets me a gift, do I have to get them one?  You know the record in your mind.   If we are honest, these thoughts probably begin around Thanksgiving.  But this is 2020,  the year of the pandemic.   We may be asking ourselves, why even consider gifts for anyone when we are stuck inside and do not get to see family and friends?   It is predicted shopping will be down this year.  But, in spite of the existing challenges, why  not consider that this year we are being given permission to give gifts in a different way.  We are allowed to give in ways we may have never considered.   Below are some “out of the box” ideas for gifts.  Take a look, you may just find one that is right for you or you may be inspired to create your own.

SEND HOLIDAY CARDS – Even in the time of ZOOM, Facetime, etc, loved ones always welcome pictures.  It is so easy these days to take pictures with our phones and leave them there.  But, what about the generation that does not use phones?  Few things are more pleasing, especially to more mature adults, than to receive a picture.   Photos can now be sent straight from phones to photo processing centers such as CVS or Walgreens.   On the way to pick up your pictures, why not stop at the Dollar Tree, that you will more than likely pass on the way, and go ahead and get that frame and gift bag.  You then have your Christmas gift for less than $4.00.

GIFT CARDS – You know those gift cards you received when you got your flu shot or the one you received from your employer?  What about consider giving these to someone who might be on a fixed income?  There are many people without jobs and would love a grocery store or pre-paid gift card.

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Consider giving mature adults Christmas gifts they will treasure.

FRAMED NOTES – Handwriting has almost become a thing of the past.  In fact, do children even learn to write in school any longer?  Why not handwrite a note?  It could be a short inspirational story you may like or a memory you have about your relationship with that person.  And remember that trip to the Dollar Tree?  Here is your opportunity to visit once again.

CREATE COUPONS – Create your own coupons.  You are giving to people you really know so create a coupon that is specialized for them.  Another twist is think of something that might be your specialty.  This might be baking, painting, babysitting, etc. The possibilities are endless and all it requires is a bit of your time.

CHARATIBLE DONATION – This has been a hard year for many people.  Why not donate to a favorite charity?  You could even donate in someone else’s name?  The charity will then send that person a card indicating you have made a donation on their behalf.

So, if you are feeling stressed this year about gift giving, realize the world is different.  We are all in this together.  Christmas is a time for love, joy, peace and giving.  The reality is, it is still all of these things…and more.  It is just up to us to look for ways to embrace the season in a different way. Maybe you will consider one of the options above and take some stress off of yourself.  Who knows, you may like gifting this way so much, you might start a new tradition.

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