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Have Fun As You Mature and Live Longer
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Debbie Henry
January 26, 2021

9C6E6D52 9894 4735 9BEC 68E7E687AEAC - 2024As an adult, do you know how to have fun?  As we mature, we sometimes forget how to do this.  We get so busy with our daily lives that the idea of fun might tire us.  That is, if we can even think of it at all.  If we are nearing retirement, we might think that when we retire, we will no longer be tired from work  and schedules.   We will be free to go do whatever we want without the burden of work.   Then, for those that are already retired, I often hear, we cannot afford to go “do” anything.  It’s too expensive. Thus, equating having fun with spending money.  Another statement I often hear is that my body cannot handle any fun….well I guess that depends on your definition of fun.

We all have our idea of what was considered fun when we were younger. If we were fortunate, we were able to play outside or go to events or go for an overnight stay with friends.  Fun may have consisted of bike rides or playing board games.  No matter your definition of fun, we each have one.  My hunch is when we were having fun, we remember how we felt, who we were with and where we were when we were having fun and it felt good, right?

As we mature,  it is important to remember there is no age limit to having fun.  In fact many studies have shown that adults who say they enjoy their lives have better physical health and have a slower decline in physical function.  Having fun has also shown to have a positive effect on the immune system.  It is unfortunate that as we age, so much importance is given to what can happen to our bodies and what we should do to prevent these issues and “the importance of play” is overlooked.

As we mature, it is important to have fun.  But perhaps it is something we stopped doing at some point and we may need to relearn how.  Retirees often find themselves having to reevaluate what types of activities they enjoy and pushing themselves to do it.  It is this determination that builds the sense of joy and it is ultimately what will keep us young.

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Several weekends ago, the weather was cold and it would have been easy to remain inside.  But, the sun was shining so my husband and I decided to take advantage of the weather and visit The Children’s Museum Of The Upstate  in Greenville, SC.  There, we discovered a sensory wall,  jungle gyms, bridges and so much more.  All of this was before one even entered the inside. We never made it inside because due to COVID, we did not have a reservation.  However, it did not matter because we were enjoying what the outside had to offer.

When we left the museum, my husband and I talked about how much we had enjoyed ourselves.  We had been entertained, learned a bit about our city AND it was free.

There is something about sunshine, fresh air, playgrounds and having fun that brings out the kid in a person and helps to feed the soul.

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